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3 Distinct Ways You Can Use Your Boardroom Automation System

Extend the Reach of Your Technology With a Custom Solution

3 Distinct Ways You Can Use Your Boardroom Automation System

What’s the most versatile space in your office? If you have one, it’s likely your boardroom or conference room. It is used for presentations, calls, meetings, and training. Since it’s so useful, it’s also in high demand. With a boardroom automation system, your employees don’t have to go through schedule gymnastics to get a little time in. You can transition easily from one function to the next. This means you can use the room more often, greatly increasing your company's productivity. Below we take a look at some of the most frequent boardroom uses and how smart technology prepares the room for each.

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Video Conferencing

With the emergence of the remote office and the rising costs of travel, video conferencing has become essential for any business. With a video conferencing solution that makes it easy to stay in touch, you can trust employees to work remotely in order to lower your company’s overhead costs. You can also limit the need for in-person meetings, reducing the amount of money and time invested in traveling.

So how does boardroom automation enhance your office’s video conferencing capabilities? You can have a pre-set scene that prepares the entire room for a call. The shades close, the lights fixtures over your table are activated, and your television turns on to conferencing mode. All you have to do is find the contact information for the person you're calling. We also strengthen your office network to ensure there’s no lagging or freezing during calls.

Quarterly Meetings

You can also have a scene prepared for your quarterly meetings. The shades open to brighten up the room, the thermostat turns down to accommodate for more people, and your television turns on to your presentation. From the control device of your choice, it’s then easy to add any remote employees via a conference call or video.

A boardroom automation system also helps you create interactive presentations. Embrace multimedia messages with a control solution that makes it easy to transition between a PowerPoint, video and interactive whiteboard. When a fellow presenter wants to pull up material, they can do so wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet so little time is wasted between topics.

Produce Content

Make your company look like an authority in your respective industry with the use of educational videos, podcasts or webinars. With the audiovisual equipment already in place in your boardroom or conference room, it’s easy to record content you can share with clients, industry partners or employees.

Find the perfect lighting, camera angles, and microphone volume for each type of content. Once you've found the perfect settings, turn them into a scene. When it's time to create content, just pull up your ‘Podcast’ or ‘Video’ scene to get rolling.

Embryo Design Group works with you to create a solution that matches your company’s needs. These systems come with the top audiovisual equipment in the industry, so you always get the highest-quality images and sound. Fill out our online contact form or call us at (904) 503-8126 to enhance your business efficiency and cut costs in your office with a boardroom automation system.