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3 Ways to Bring Stylish Entertainment Into Your Home

Explore the Benefits of an Audio Video Solution From Embryo Design Group

3 Ways to Bring Stylish Entertainment Into Your Home

There was a time when audio video equipment was an interior designer’s worst nightmare. There was an ongoing battle between your home’s unique style and the latest technology you wanted to install for your personal entertainment. Now, it’s easier than ever to incorporate powerful sound and crystal clear images without having to succumb to cumbersome equipment and a mess of wires. A comprehensive home audio video system ensures that your technology is only noticed when you want it to be. Find out how you can get the perfect balance of style and entertainment in your Atlanta, Georgia home.

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Hide Your A/V Equipment With Centralized Control

What exactly is a home audio video system? It's a system that brings together all the equipment you use to watch the latest Blu-Ray releases or listen to your favorite album. With an integrated system, it’s easier than ever to create a discreet connection between your entertainment sources and receivers. Hide away your equipment in a storage closet and use matrix switchers to relay the content to televisions and speakers throughout the home.

This setup limits the number of components and wires you need within each room. If you want to take it a step further, you can subscribe to services like Kaleidescape. This digital library lets you download your favorite movies in 4K Ultra HD quality and store them on a server. You can also upload your DVD and Blu-Ray collections, further eliminating the amount of clutter.

Make Your Audio Invisible With Hidden Speakers

Whether you’re going for chic modernism or a vintage vibe, even the most stylish of speakers can clash with your décor. How can you get the high-performance sound you crave while preserving your personal style? You can do so with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers from Origin Acoustics. The company is committed to making compact components that stay hidden from view.

Our professional integrators take care of installing the equipment, making sure the only thing visible is the grille attached to the speaker. All of the wiring linking the components to your home audio video system is also kept from view. Each grille comes with a discreet design that can be painted over to match the ceiling or wall. We recommend using round in-ceiling speakers that will easily blend in with your light fixtures.

Allow Your Technology to Become Part of Your Décor

Just because you want to retain your home’s style, doesn’t mean you can’t show off your favorite technology. There are multiple ways you can do this. For your television, you can incorporate a mirror TV from Seura that can serve multiple functions. It can be a discreet option for your bathrooms or become an extra decoration within your living room. No one will know a television lies within your framed mirror until it’s turned on.

As for your audio, many high-end manufacturers take pride in creating designer speakers that are as stylish as they are powerful. Whether in a family room or listening room, you can incorporate unique designs from James Loudspeaker. The company offers an array of custom services, even recently creating a steampunk model for a client. Don’t settle for bulky black speakers, install ones that represent your unique personality.

Contact Embryo Design Group today to install an audio video system that enhances not only your technology but also your home’s distinct style.

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