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How Can a Control4 System Transform Your Home?

Embryo Design Group Installs a Custom Smart Home Automation Solution

How Can a Control4 System Transform Your Home?

Imagine all of your electronics work together to meet your needs. In the morning, your house wakes you up by lifting the shades and playing your favorite music. When you leave, it locks all the doors and sets your alarm system. What about your favorite entertainment? From the touch of a button, your favorite music, TV shows or movies are available in any room of your Orlando, Florida home. This is all possible with a Control4 smart home automation system.

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Centralize Control of Your Home

The primary purpose of a smart home automation solution is to make it easy to control all your subsystems. Access your lighting, entertainment, security, climate and more from a smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Eliminate the need for multiple apps or remotes to get comprehensive control of your space.

By having all your systems communicating effectively, you can also have events or times trigger specific actions. You can create a ‘Wake Up’ scene that turns on the lights, turns the thermostat up and plays pre-determined music. Through the Control4 app, you can also access your home remotely, checking in and adjusting settings whether you’re away at work or on vacation.

Customize Your System to Meet Your Needs

We can design a Control4 system that only includes the features that are important to you. We configure your smart home automation to your preferred control method and install audio and video equipment to match your needs. We make sure speakers, televisions and light fixtures are compatible with the system and installed properly so they can be managed from your general user interface.

With the latest Control4 2.8.1 software upgrade, it’s also easier than ever to customize your user experience. Menus can be configured to include the most used features such as security or lighting. You can even add personal photos to your user interface. Our custom integrators set up the system just the way you want it and train you on how to make changes in the future.

Get the Most Out of Your Entertainment

There are a variety of ways a Control4 smart home automation system helps you enhance your entertainment. As we mentioned, it's easier than ever to access your favorite music and movies. Just choose the room you're in and the source you want to use, be it a Blu-ray player or turntable. It's also easy to prep the room for any activity. For example, press a “Cinema” scene that dims the lights, closes the shades and pulls up your media library.

The new Control4 software upgrade also includes an intuitive grid menu that allows you to search your entertainment by title, artist, and genre. What about your favorite streaming services? Control4's native services –meaning you can access them without having to open a separate app –include Pandora, Tidal, and Rhapsody.

Want to get the most out of your home technology? Contact Embryo Design Group to bring a Control4 system into your home.

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