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How Can Boardroom Automation Transform Your Office?

Embryo Design Group Brings Newfound Efficiency to Your Jacksonville Business

How Can Boardroom Automation Transform Your Office?

Few spaces in your office are more important than your boardroom or conference room. They’re often the first impression given off to clients whether through in-person meetings or video conferences. They are also collaborative spaces that allow for improved teamwork. So when you’re looking to optimize the efficiency in your Jacksonville, Florida business, why not start with boardroom automation? Read on to see some prime examples of how integrated technology can change the way you run your company.

Improve Presentations Through Centralized Control

With video conferences and meetings being so important to first impressions, you want everything to run smoothly. Yet it always seems the technology goes on the fritz just when you need to use it. With an automated boardroom, everything is easily controlled at the press of a button. You can also monitor components remotely so you know as soon as any issues arise, not at the worst possible time.

You can incorporate all room components– from display sources to shading – into a user interface on a tablet, smartphone or touchpad. For optimized control, you can even create scenes. Press “Video Conference” and the shades close, light fixtures above seats light up and the display turns on to video mode. All you have to do is have your notes ready to begin!

Enhance Your Space With Hidden Technology

While it’s the quality of your product or service that will keep clients around, it’s the initial impression that will reel them in. Create an unforgettable environment with technology capable of HD images and high-fidelity sound without ruining the sleek décor you’ve chosen for your office. It may be an office environment, but it deserves the same high-quality audio video equipment you would install in your home.

One way to craft sleek spaces is to install screens that can be pulled up when not in use. Consider your audio as well. No one expects to see standings speakers in a boardroom. Instead, create uniform high-quality sound with in-wall and in-ceiling Origin Acoustics fixtures. Not only do you get to hide away your components, but by spreading out the sound you avoid any areas where the audio is too loud or soft.

Increase Functionality with Boardroom Integration

Centralized control not only helps you prepare effective presentations, it helps you take advantage of your space’s versatility. Combining the two previous features we’ve discussed, it’s easy to transition from one function to the next.

Say for example you’ve just finished a video conference with a client and want to have a meeting with your employees to discuss how it went. Simply press the “Meeting” feature and the screen disappears into the ceiling to reveal the whiteboard behind it. The shades open back up and lights turn on to create a more dynamic environment to communicate. You don’t have to waste any time going from video to meeting, risking forgetting the points you wanted to discuss.

Whether you want to increase productivity in the office or create a better first impression, Embryo Design Group can help you with a custom-made boardroom automation solution. Contact us today for a consultation!

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