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How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Home’s Style?

Embryo Design Group Gets the Most Out of Your Jacksonville, FL Space

How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Home’s Style?

When imagining the perfect design for your home, don’t fall into the trap of believing the right décor simply depends on furniture placement. From lighting options to smart technology, there are many components that play a big part in creating a distinct style for your Jacksonville space. With smart home automation, all your subsystems work in harmony to make sure your home looks exactly the way you envisioned. 

Highlight Your Best Features

If you’ve ever used a department store dressing room, you know how the right lighting can make or break an outfit. The same is true of your home. With home automation, you have immediate control of your lighting to match your current mood or activity. When inviting guests over for drinks, you can access a “Party” scene that turns on LED fixtures to highlight the new artwork on your wall and accentuate your high-end furniture. If friends are over to watch the game, you can access a “Watch TV” setting that dims the lights to optimize the images on your television. You can also set dimmers to match across multiple spaces to create a cohesive mood for your home.

Go Small With Big Results

Want to bring the latest technology into your home, from 4K Ultra HD televisions to Dolby Atmos surround sound, without sacrificing your home’s minimalist décor? Size does not equal quality when it comes to high-end audio and video in your home. Through the use of in-wall speakers, concealed video displays and flush mount controls, you can ensure that your technology is only seen when it is being used. Distributed video linked to your home automation allows you to centralize your video sources in one room and distribute them to multiple displays throughout your home, limiting the amount of bulk in each individual room.

When hosting friends, your television can stay hidden in a crevasse in your wall, ceiling or furniture, while sound booms from your ‘invisible’ in-wall speakers. Access all the music you want from a server on your home automation system and avoid having a large stereo or pile of CDs ruining the style of your chic living room.

Don’t Get Bogged Down Inside

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing your home is forgetting about your outdoor spaces. Don’t settle for a few patio chairs and tables when it comes to your outdoor entertainment.  With distributed audio/video and hidden technology, you can bring hi-fidelity audio and high definition video with you to every corner of your home. Access your favorite playlist with the touch of a button and boom it through your integrated audio system to unobtrusive landscape speakers that blend into your outdoor décor and are specifically designed to withstand the elements. And kick back with your favorite movie streamed directly from your media server to an ultra-bright, weather resistant outdoor TV in pristine 4K resolution.

Don’t sacrifice an inch when it comes to your dream home. Whether you want to showcase your brand new 68-inch Ultra HD television or go for a subtle flat screen that emerges from your custom-designed natural hardwood cabinet, Embryo Design Group has a solution to fit the distinct style of your Jacksonville home.   

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