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How Can Layered Lighting Make Your Outdoor Spaces Shine?

Embryo Design Group’s Custom Solutions Can Illuminate Your Atlanta Home

How Can Layered Lighting Make Your Outdoor Spaces Shine?

Why should outdoor lights take a back seat for eleven months out of the year? It doesn’t have to be Christmas for them to be a hallmark of your outside décor. Whether you’re illuminating pathways or looking to set the perfect mood, a home lighting control system helps you create a layered solution that gets the most out of your Atlanta, Georgia space.

Add Depth to Your Space With Layered Lights

A well-planned lighting design can add warmth, versatility and reach to your space. This is done by combining ambient, practical and featured lights. Below we explain what each of these lights does and how Embryo gives you optimized control of them all:

    • Ambient Lights: These fixtures set the overall tone of your home. With smart control, you can easily change their strength, direction or color depending on the mood you want to set. If you want to have a dinner party with friends, go for dimmer white or off white colors. Want a wild dance party? Bathe your outdoor dance floor with bright blue, yellow and red lights for inspiration. You can even change light color or intensity from your smartphone as the night progresses without having to leave your guests.

      By using sun sensors, you can keep lights low during the day and have a “Night Time” scene activate after the sun sets to make sure your home’s best features don’t disappear when it gets dark.

    • Practical Lights: These are lights with a purpose and are often activated by sensors. Then can be used to illuminate walkways, tripping hazards or even a grill to ensure your world-famous barbeque is being cooked to perfection even when there’s limited natural light.

      These fixtures can even help you greet guests! Create a scene in your lighting control system that turns on the pathway lights to your front door when someone enters your driveway.

    • Featured Lights: These lights are used to highlight favorite features in the home. They can also be decorations—be it a lantern lamp by the door or globe lights on your patio.

      Having featured lights scattered in your backyard helps to give it added depth. Each fixture becomes a reference point to show how expansive the area is, instead of settling for a flat light that dwarfs the space. Depending on what features you want to highlight on a given day, you can use your system to play around with the color, strength and direction of the lights.

    Whatever your family’s needs or distinct style, Embryo Design Group can create a lighting control solution to get the most out of your space.