Enhance Your Family’s Safety With Smart Lighting

Enhance Your Family’s Safety With Smart Lighting

  • Jerome Davis
  • 05/18/22

A Custom Solution Helps You Protect What Matters Most

Imagine a robust security system. What do you see? A massive gate, surveillance cameras, maybe even an imposing guard dog, and lights? It may not sound quite as imposing, but smart lighting is just as important as locks and alarms when it comes to keeping your family safe. A home lighting control system helps you deter intruders, get clear surveillance footage, and evacuate during emergencies.

Use Motion Sensors to Catch Intruders

Before setting off a siren that could frighten your family, respond to suspicious activity through your home lighting control system. As soon as motion sensors detect unexpected activity, have lights flood the area. This is likely to deter any potential intruders, who will believe they’ve been caught and flee.

Even if intruders are not deterred, the additional lights can aid your surveillance system. Instead of grainy images in the dark, you get crisp well-lit images to see who set off your sensors. If you have a smart security system, you can get a notification on your phone with the pictures so you're informed as soon as something happens.

Make It Easy to Avoid Tripping Hazards

Whether you're going for a midnight snack or coming home late, tripping hazards in dark walkways can result in nasty falls and expensive medical bills. Line your primary walkways—both indoors and outdoors—with LED lights that light up as you approach. This way it's easy to see any puddles or toys in your way.

You and your guests shouldn’t have to walk in the dark to get to your house. Create a clear, well-lit path from your driveway to your front door. Use schedules in your landscape lighting to ensure lights turn on at dusk and are turned off at sunrise.

Keep Your Home Protected When Away

Thieves love to target homes that look uninhabited. When you’re on vacation, don’t make it easy for thieves to know you'll be away for extended periods of time. This is why people are encouraged not to announce long trips on social media.

Your home lighting control system can help you prevent this vulnerability with a “Vacation” scene. Lights are turned on and off while you’re away to mimic your family’s routines. This way it always looks like someone is still there, dissuading any potential thieves from attacking your home.

Facilitate Evacuations During Emergencies

You can have lights automatically turn on during emergency situations. Link your home lighting control system to your fire alarms. If a fire is detected, your home lights the way to the nearest exit. You can either turn on all the lights in the house or just LED lights lining your hallways.

Your lighting isn't just there to enhance your style; it's also a pivotal tool in your home security system. Contact Embryo Design Group for a custom solution that can enhance your family’s safety.

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