How Can Boardroom Automation Save Your Company Money?

How Can Boardroom Automation Save Your Company Money?

  • Jerome Davis
  • 05/18/22

Find Out Why Smart Office Technology is a Great Investment

When it comes to making purchases for your business, it’s all about the bottom line. Will this new piece of equipment or software create enough revenue to make up for its original cost? How long will it take to get a return on your investment? In this blog, we’ll discuss the many ways you can reduce costs and increase efficiency by investing in a boardroom automation system in your Orlando, FL office.

Save on Company’s Travel Costs

Travel costs have always placed a heavy burden on businesses. You have to take into account the lost wages in the time spent traveling while factoring in costs for transportation and lodging. With a boardroom automation system that streamlines your video conferencing, it’s easier to take care of business remotely to avoid costly travel plans. At the press of a button your display, microphone, speakers, and projectors are ready to start. All you have to do is dial the necessary number.

Enhance Your Meeting Efficiency

Another common office cost has to do with meetings running long. For one, no matter how important your meeting maybe you’re still missing out on worker productivity. As meetings run long, others are displaced creating a domino effect of inefficiency in the workplace. With a boardroom automation system that gives you centralized control of your technology, it’s easier to transition from one meeting to another. You can also invest in conferencing software that lets you know when your time is running low so you can wrap things up quickly. 

Easily Manage Your Boardroom Resources

Conference rooms are the most versatile spaces in your office, especially with a boardroom automation system in place that makes it easy to conduct meetings, video-conferences, training and more. This also means they're the busiest and most coveted rooms in the office. We include software in your boardroom that lets you track which rooms are being used and for how long. An effective scheduling system makes it easy to manage your rooms so everyone can use them when needed without displacing others.

Limit Energy Use With Smart Control

There are a variety of ways a boardroom automation system can help you reduce energy use. One way is through occupancy sensors. Since employees are usually leaving in a hurry after a long video call or meeting, lights and equipment are often left on. With occupancy sensors, your lights and AV equipment automatically turn off when the room is unoccupied.
Your boardroom automation system also gives you intuitive control of the climate, lights, and shades in the room. It's easier for employees to find the perfect settings and save them for a later time. You can also install photo sensors so lights dim and shades open when natural light is available. When the room is not in use, shades close again to help cool down the room.
It’s time to invest in technology that promises a quick return on investment. Contact Embryo Design Group to bring a new level of efficiency to your office space.

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